Sky Fantasy Football 2015/2016

Role: UX Lead @ GFM

The current 2015/2016 fantasy football game for SkyBet will mark my 3rd year working on this product. My input has evolved from a frontend developer/designer in year one to being the UX Lead (for GFM Clevergames) in year three.

Key Objective

Rebuild product from the ground up in a mobile first approach that delivers a more engaging experience.


  • Product development followed a modified Agile process which was centred around 2 week sprints. Sprints and task management was tracked using Jira.
  • To ensure a smooth flow of development work, both UX and Design teams worked a sprint ahead wherever possible.
  • UX and Design was a collaborative undertaking between both GFM Clevergames and SkyBet teams. Certain aspects of the game were driven and led by SkyBet, while GFM Clevergames provided experienced input for the remainder of the game.
  • User research data was gathered by SkyBet along with analytical data which was then used to make informed design decisions.

My involvement

  • Worked very closely with SkyBet's UX and Design teams to ensure all aspects of the product remained consistent.
  • Mapped out primary user journeys to ensure they meet both business requirements while maintaining a great experience for the users of the product.
  • Wireframing of all key screens and interactions that occur throughout the product.
  • Ensured key components of the SkyBet supplied UI system was implemented and designed new components as required.
  • Partnered with the frontend developers to ensure the UI was as per the supplied documents both visually and interactions required.
  • Undertook hands on frontend design work (HTML/CSS) by focusing on the finer details of the layouts.
  • Provided guidance to the entire team, including product owners, on best ways to solve UX and Design problems that arose from the inclusion of new features.
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