The Wellington Barber

The Wellington Barber project was put together without ever physically meeting the client or seeing the shops physical location. Despite the communication challenges, both I and the client maintained constant interaction throughout the process which resulted in a very successful project.

Key Objective

Define and deliver all aspects of the brand in order to have maximium impact on public launch

"Cerven has been great to work with, he understands the direction I want to take my brand in and knows the best way to get the design to say it." ~ Steven Browne, Owner, The Wellington Barber


  • To start the entire process of creating a brand around The Wellington Barber, I emailed an extensive list of questions to the client to gain an understanding of where he wanted to take his shop
  • Together we did competitor analysis - the way the other shops positioned themselves in the market, what their logos looked like, how their websites worked, what the owners stood for and how these other shops/brands were perceived.
  • All aspects of the brand were tested with a variety of people who were the clients audience - these items included a number of logo designs, website layouts and shop branding
  • Once the core idealogies of the The Wellington Barber were identified and documented, this was used as our primary reference point for all other facets of the work in this project.

Brand Elements

  • Brand "bible" - the Insight document
  • Logo and mark creation
  • Art direction
  • Responsive website
  • Shop signage
  • Business cards
  • Pull up banners
  • T-shirts
  • Hats
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